Getting fit the right way is the best way to improve your skiing, be safe on the slopes and have more fun this winter.

If you want to get fit, co-ordinated, strong and flexible read on. Not only will this custom designed program help you have a better time in the snow it will give you a lean and balanced body and teach you to move with grace and ease.

My easy to follow and effective program will guide you through the process step by step and get you in the best shape possible for skiing.

The Get-Fit-To-Ski program is a comprehensive tool-kit to get you physically and mentally fit for skiing based on cutting edge knowledge of bio-mechanics. It provides you with the most effective elements of a wide variety of movement disciplines to get the results you want efficiently and safely. 

Most skiing fitness programs completely miss how learning to move efficiently with fluidity and grace is your number one key to skiing better. 

You will receive:

1. A personalized recommendation from me on to use the program with a personalized cardio plan for you to use to enhance your Get-Fit-To-Ski program.

2. A 30 min DVD with the best exercises on the planet designed exclusively to develop your strength, balance, stability, flexitibliy, co-ordination and agility ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

These exercises can be done up to 5 times a week or used to supplement and enhance your current fitness routine.

The key to using these exercises to build strength is that you use your own bodyweight and rely on high repetitions.

This means that you can build your strength and endurance consistently and safely by slowly increasing your number of repetitions.

This makes our program suitable for a wide variety of fitness levels.

5. A very special bonus gift from me to you: My "Simple Yoga" audio class and e-book. This perfectly designed gentle Yoga sequence is a perfect "rest day" activity and contains vital information about body mechanics. It is also an absolutely brilliant way to unwind and stretch out after a long day on the slopes.

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About me

I have been lucky to grow up in a family of ski-ing fanatics! I learned to ski before I could walk and skiing has been a life long passion for me. My local haunt is Klosters, Switzerland. I highly recommend Klosters as a delightful ski destination for skiers at any level. 

I am a certified Yoga Instructor and have over 15 years' experience teaching movement and fitness internationally. I am also an ITM Alexander Technique teacher which makes me an expert in movement anatomy and biomechanics. Over the years I have worked with thousands of people helping them move better, feel better and look better.

Why I developed Fit To Ski

As I got into my thirties and forties I found that in order to keep up with my love for skiing and ski touring and hit the ground running each winter I needed to raise my standard of overall fitness. I first focused on increasing my aerobic fitness which made a positive difference but when I added in a routine of body weight exercises I adapted from Yoga, dance, Pilates and Laban movement theory I had an unexpected, dramatic and very welcome increase in my agility and stamina on the slopes.

When I started researching the programs available I was quite disappointed with what was out there. Many programs are offered by professional ski racers, which truly is a different sport then your everyday amateur skier. At best, programs seemed to focus only on strengthening your quads instead of increasing your leg strength in an integrated manner so that your knees are supported. A key issue for women. At worst I found that many programs involved throwing around heavy weights or working with explosive movements which are activities which when done unsupervised or incorrectly offer a high risk of back and knee injury. I also disagree with most of the information out there about "skiing posture" and alignment. 

I believe that in order to ski well you need a well calibrated, sensitive, strong, balanced, responsive and agile body. You need a strong mind-body connection so you have complete command over your movements and can respond appropriate to subtle input like a change in snow texture.

In my program we train all these elements so that when you hit the slopes you can forget about them and fully immerse yourself in the scenery, the snow and the thrill of gliding over mountains.