I particularly like this move as it works your hip flexers as well as your glutes. The inner rotation at the hip joint works your gluteus medius, minimus as well the tensor fasciae latae, which is important for hip stability. This move achieves this without strain or pressure on the hip. Inner rotation of the hip is a movement most of us don't make very often in our everyday lives but this movement is important for all normal hip moment. In addition, you are working on the overall strength of the standing leg as well as your balance.

This is a great move to work your overall balance, co-ordination and strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. It also requires you to learn about more subtle moments at the hip joint within a dynamic movement.

The key to all these moves is to work on slowly increasing your repetitions. Start with about 10 repetitions each side and then work up to 30 plus repetitions each side.

Firstly, focus on getting these moves precise. Your aim is not to lift your leg as high as possible, so please avoid arching your back to get more height. Also make sure that you are not pushing your range of motion: work within a range in which you can move comfortably and with ease.

In time your range of motion will increase and make the moves easier. Make sure you move steadily and with control. 

(...a little bonus to this move is that it will also create a lovely lifted behind!)

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